Remodeling Sales

Strong D-I-Y and B-I-Y Opportunities Forecast

The residential remodeling market looks strong through the year 2010, which has powerful implications for both professional contractors and home improvement retailers selling to do-it-yourselfers and the buy-it-yourself market.

A new study just released by the Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University and sponsored in part by the American Hardware Manufacturers Association researched the market opportunities for the next 10 years and found the market a fertile field for both professional contractors and home improvement retailers selling both d-i-y and b-i-y customers.

Before we take a look at the forecast for remodeling sales in the years ahead and some of the market forces powering these sales, it is important to note the activity level of d-i-yers in the remodeling category. We say this because in some cases when total sales are cited for remodeling, these figures include not only materials, but the labor, overhead and profit dollars spent on professionally installed projects. When this is done, it appears that the d-i-y influence in the remodeling market as it relates to product purchases is much smaller than it really is.

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Home Improvement For The Holidays: The Retail Analysts Who Tried To Steal Christmas

Well it’s December, and that means the holidays will soon be upon us. There has been a lot of talk recently regarding what retailers can expect in their stockings this year, and for many retail segments it doesn’t look good.

An article that appeared in Fortune magazine last month tided “How Blue will Christmas Be?” (Nov. 11, 2002) talked about how the recent economic climate and the West Coast port shutdown will result in the smallest retail holiday sales increase (2.5 percent) in more than a decade. This comes on the heels of reports earlier this fall that the consumer confidence index hit its lowest level in nearly a decade.

The good news for independent home improvement retailers is that you are somewhat sheltered from these gloomy forecasts for several reasons. First, through the years home improvement retailers have scaled back on traditional holiday-related departments such as toys and sporting goods. And there isn’t as much at stake this time of year as in other retail segments that generate 40 to 50 percent of annual sales during the holiday selling season. Even if you count all of last month, November and December contribute just 15 percent of annual sales in hardware/home improvement stores each year.

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Tips On The Perfect Wine Serving

You are at home and feel like serving yourself a glass of wine in a fancy way. Or you go to a restaurant with high expectations, but then are let down with a poor wine service. It seems like wine serving does count a lot. It is even more important if you work in a restaurant.  A few steps to be taken to run a proper wine service are as follows.

1/Help guests choose a wine

wine serve
There are plenty of types of wine. As a staff, learn about wine. Vast knowledge about wine will enable you to help your guests. Try to select the wine that suits your guests the most. It is not necessarily the most expensive, but it needs to match your guests’ taste. There are a few things you should remember:

  • Learn about the reason they come to the restaurant: It is whether they go on a date, or they have a family reunion. If your guests are the newcomers, explain to them a list of wines available. They might even know nothing about wine.
  • Provide basic information about wine: If your guests know pretty much about wine, then it is fine to talk freely. But with the guests that have no clue, be patient to give them knowledge 101 about wine.
  • Ask for the guests’ past choices of wine: It is useful to know what types of wine they like and do not like. Such knowledge will make the whole process of choosing wine a lot easier. For instance, your guests do not like red wine. So red wines are passed. You may also have to shortlist some other wines to give to your guests.

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Speaking Of Growth: High-Performance Retailers Share Their Passion For Success

This month’s cover story focuses on one of the most critical decisions you’ll ever have to make as a home improvement retailer–deciding when it’s time to take aggressive measures to grow the physical size of your business.

While successful home improvement retailers are always looking for ways to drive more sales through their existing locations, either by increasing sales in traditional core departments or with new niche offerings, this story takes a look at several retailers who have accomplished growth by moving to a larger location or adding an additional location.

Besides growing square footage, what we’re really talking about are high-performance retailers who have found a formula for success that has allowed them to continue fueling growth. The actual growth of their businesses is just a by-product of their success. These are the home-improvement retailers who aren’t satisfied with the stares quo, and quite frankly, our industry needs more retailers like the ones we’re highlighting this month.

Industry analysts believe that there could be billions of dollars being left on the table as a result of under-performing stores in our industry. And it’s not just a question of moving the needle from average performance to high-profit performance with our existing stores. While that is a big part of it, there are plenty of markets sitting empty that could benefit from a high performance independent home improvement retailer.

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The Useful Tips To Store The Opened Wine

Have you ever enjoyed the cup of wine? How much wine can you drink for once? If you can answer these questions that you drink wine every day and especially during the meal and you just drink a small cup of wine for very times. I think you like this wine so much.

Besides, I can guess that you must know how to store the opened wine properly. You opened a bottle of the wine, and it will be very easily damaged when it has been exposed to the air. However, how to preserve and how long to store the opened wine which you still ensure its taste this is not simple, and not everyone knows.

In this writing, I will share some useful tips to store the opened wine which you should keep in your mind.

1. Replacing the cork

  •  You should know that replacing the cork correctly is very important. This is a first rule to store the opened wine which you must remember.
  •  It is better to choose the suitable cork with the bottle of opened wine and change a new cork. With a clean cork will not affect the quality of wine as well as the taste of wine although you opened it.

2. Pouring wine into the smaller bottle

  •  You make sure that with a large wine bottle will be used in a party at that time you do not need to store for using next time. However, in some cases, you can not drink all you should use a sealed funnel to pour wine into a smaller bottle.
  •  By this way, you will make your wine reduce the amount of oxygen in contact with the wine a lot because it only remains a small amount of air between the surface of the wine and the cork. Then you close the cork carefully and place it in the wine cooler.

Tips: Please ensure  that you always read the reputable wine cooler reviews before buying!

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